Favorite Episode 2 Quotes

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Favorite Episode 2 Quotes

Post  Whirlwind on Sun Sep 27, 2009 8:18 pm

Community is quite the quote worthy show so lay out your favorite quotes of episode 2!

Here's some of mine :

Annie: "But, maybe when Jeff gets here we could talk to him as a group about his tardiness..."
Pierce: "Oh come on, don't use that word around Abed."

Senor Chang: "Hasta luego! Come on, hands 90% of spanish!"

Senor Chang: "Ok um guys, why are there costumes involved these are short conversations, there not suppose to take- "
Jeff: "Take you breath away?"

Abed: "Conflicts like this will ultimately bring us togther as an unlikley family."
Troy: "You have horrible breath right now."

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